1. How many people have been accused by Kathy McKeithen?

I believe I have only a partial listing but, as far as I know, the list of those who Kathy has directly or indirectly (through her lieutenants) attacked or accused of some wrong-doing at some point include:

* Highlighted names come from a commenter


4 thoughts on “1. How many people have been accused by Kathy McKeithen?

  1. McKeithen had Finance Director John Johns do numerous investigations.
    When there was talk of a Recall against her in October 2006, Johns issued Purchase Order #280 to Winston Krone Computer Investigations for $14,000.00. He wrote: “Items to look for: Any Communication concerning town employees who are subjects of harassment allegations including: Duncan Jones, John Johns, and Kathy McKeithen; Any evidence suggesting involvement in a recall campaign against Kathy McKeithen”
    On November 6, 2006 Johns emailed WInston Krone: “Hi Winston, Thanks for you note and for the call. Just as a bit of background info. As was reported in the AlmanacNews, the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury has been making inquiries about the Town’s Building Department prompted largely by the three phase audit I conducted. Additional Councilmember Kathy McKeithen has indicated that she may be inclined to push for a criminal inquiry on the Building Department. It is also my understanding that Kathy put Mr. Tim Wulff the contract plan checker who worked as a subject matter expert for me on Phase III was referred to David Crone by Ms. McKeithen after Tim briefed her on some observations.”

    From August 2007 Finance Committee minutes: “McKeithen requested that the Finance Committee be given a reconcilation of how the police spend their time. …. CouncilMember Carlson is uncomfortable with this.”

  2. McKeithen has accused several staff members in Public Works, the Building Deptartment, and the Police Deptartment.

  3. McKeithen Civil Law Suits
    1 MCKEITHEN KATHLEEN P SCS97505 09-02-1994
    2 J C PENNY CO INC D SCS97505 09-02-1994
    EDDIE BAUER INC D SCS97777 10-25-1994

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