2. How many of those accused were ever found guilty of anything?

Atherton has lost most all of the members of the council ever attacked, plus all of the town senior management attacked, numerous veteran town staff (including many long-term, highly dedicated employees not mentioned because no specific accusations were publicized) Police Chiefs, Heads of Building Department, Public Works, Town Managers, Finance Directors, City Attorneys and others. These departures have cost Atherton dearly in the value of the accumulated expertise and stability: how many of her accusations have ever resulted in findings of real malfeasance?


3 thoughts on “2. How many of those accused were ever found guilty of anything?

  1. In August 2007 John Johns was placed on leave. In late October 2007 he was terminated. On Saturday November 3, 2007 McKeithen sent an email to Interim City Manager Wende Protzman:
    Subject: Public Records Request
    Dear Wende,
    Pursuant to the California Public Records Act I hereby request copies of the Lance Bayer report and any and all supporting documentation and also the first report of Mary Topliff concerning employees in the building department and any and all supporting documentation (including, but not limited to, any and all reports, notes, copies of e-mails and other writings concerning the forensics performed on the computers of those employees).

    I also note that although I was told I would be receiving copies of those records requests recently served on the Town of Atherton in my Friday, November 2, 2007 packet, they were not in the packet. With regard to these items, may I please have a copy of them ready for pickup on Monday, November 5, 2007 by noon? If that time is inconvient, please let me know.

    Finally, I would like copies of both Marc Hynes’ and Louis Leon’s latest billings showing the detail of time spent on a given matter, as well as the specific work done and for whom. If Mr. Leone’s bill is not available in this format or cannot be found, as you indicated last time I requested this breakdown. i would appreciate it if the copy would ne obtained without telling him that I have asked for it (as you did previously). It was clear from his response to my last inquiry, that other members of the council do not share my interest in his bills.

    Thank you,
    Kathy McKeithen

    At 2pm on November 6, 2007 John Johns filed a Declaration in support of his ex-parte application for order to show cause and tempoorty restraining order to stop his termination. His exhibits numbers 5 & 7 included “copies of those records requests recently served on the Town of Atherton” as McKeithen requested on Saturday November 3, 2007 for pickup by noon November 5, 2007.

    How much money was spent on the investigations requested by McKeithen? How much money did McKeithen cause to be spent to by helping Johns? Is this misuse of public funds?

  2. The Toplift report on John Johns had hard evidence against Johns. That is the only time McKeithen defended someone involved with the town. Johns performed most of the investigations requested by McKeithen.She sought to make him City Manager.

    From the Almanac.
    Guest opinion: A call for civil disagreement in Atherton
    by Kathy McKeithen

    In my years on the Atherton City Council I have had many successes and helped to bring about substantial positive changes throughout the town. I have also made mistakes — but I have tried to learn from them and I have been my harshest critic.

    It has been said that “politics makes strange bedfellows.” If it does, I have not really noticed. Rather, what concerns me most throughout this journey of love for my town (certainly it is not the high pay or the resulting sound sleep) is the change I have lately observed in the Atherton attitude. Citizens’ comments are not merely those expressing a different point of view to enlighten and enable each of us to make a more informed decision. Comments, written and spoken, have become threatening, mean-spirited and, in the case of those stated at the last regular council meeting, untrue and designed to malign a reputation — in this case, mine.

    Last month a resident referred to a certain town employee’s (former finance director John Johns) cell phone bills as indicating potential nefarious activity on my part.

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