4. Why does McKeithen attack the Atherton Police?

I know that Kathy McKeithen has opposed the town’s renewing Parcel Tax in the last two campaigns for it.  Why does she oppose the Parcel Tax, which is used primarily to help maintain the level of support that Atherton residents want from their Police Force?  For someone who claims to be trying to improve town finances, this seems rather strange.  Why has she made accusations against the police?  Why does she seem to have such a bad rapport with the police, whose union has chosen to videotape most all of the council meetings?  Why do they think that residents should be made aware of what McKeithen is doing?  What does the police force know that residents don’t know?


3 thoughts on “4. Why does McKeithen attack the Atherton Police?

  1. In 1998, McKeithen had an issue with her neighbors who had rented their pool house, which is against Atherton codes. McKeithen wanted Mike Hood, the city manager, and the city attorney to arrest the nieghbor. They refused and became targets. McKeithen then decided to run for council and wanted to discredit Chapman and Dudley. She did this by leading campaigns in 1999 and 2000 to defeat the Parcel Tax which needs two-thirds vote to pass. She was successful. The Parcel Tax received a little more than 50% of the vote. Several police lost their jobs due to the loss of Parcel Tax revenue. After the 1999 defeat, several police officers asked at a council meeting that the Parcel Tax and their jobs not be used for politics. McKeithen went on to defeat the Parcel Tax a second time.

  2. Perhaps as Johns writes, the Atherton PD searched McKeithen’s house.

    In support of Councilwoman McKeithen
    Atherton, posted by John P Johns, CPA, a resident of another community, on Jan 21, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    I once accused Kathy McKeithen of having made unauthorized disclosures of closed session communications in violation of the Brown Act.

    I subsequently learned from a source I deem reliable that the Atherton Police Department stood ready to arrest Councilwoman McKeithen at the November 2010 Regular City Council meeting.

    I was also told that the San Mateo County PD dissuaded the Chief from acting upon my complaint because “things were too hot” at the moment.

    I was surprised at the attention my complaint got, because it was trivial in comparison to the complaints I had leveled against other high placed Atherton Officials that were ignored.

    My complaint against Ms. McKeithen, trivial by comparison was the only complaint that the DA or APaD acted upon. This told me that in Atherton and in San Mateo County justice is not blind.

    I can confirm that Ms. McKeithen’s home was raided. Ostensibly the PD was looking for drugs, the kind of recreational drugs that are illegal but endemic in our society, especially amongst the young.

    The PD was looking for pot more likely than not. That’s what I dare say they’d find in any number of households in Atherton with teenagers around, especially those with disposable income.

    I would like to remind readers that my office was raided. I too was a victim of the “rein of terror” that Ms. McKeithen spoke out against.

    I complained about police brutality. It was not physical, there were no bruises on my limbus. It was personal however and the wounds inflicted upon me by those whom I thought were my friends have left lasting scars. My complaints fell upon deaf ears. My complaints and the reaction thereto only emboldened them.

    I grieve for Kathy McKeithen because she has always had the community’s best interests at heart. However I have seen her trust having been misplaced before.

    I sense that Kathy’s trust is misplaced because by appealing directly to the community, she places her trust in the community that something will be done. In my experience, the community simply does not care. This gieves me as well for I know how badly Kathy needs the support of the community and I know how likely it is that Kathy will be disappointed in the community’s response.

    I sense that what should be a reaction of outrage will be but indifference.

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