13. Who’s running the Town?

We know that Theresa DellaSanta, the town-manager-deputized assistant city clerk, isn’t.

What do others think?  Has Mayor Widmer been able to stand up to his two “benefactors” on the council (meaning McKeithen & Dobbie who orchestrated Widmer’s rapid ascendancy to Mayor)?  What evidence is there that he is willing to be independent and resist McKeithen’s culture of character assassination of any one who opposes her?


2 thoughts on “13. Who’s running the Town?

  1. How is it that McKeithen can control the agenda? If the city manager or city attorney do not do what she wants, the are undermined, fired, mirco managed, or publicly criticized and at some point leave.

  2. For fourteen years McKeithen has run the town. She left the legal profession years ago and needs something to do. There is a council agenda policy in place which she pushed, which requires three votes for an item to be in the agenda. 300 residents signing a petition can not get an agenda items, Council members Lewis and Carlson can not get an agenda item, but Kathy can tell the City Manager to place something on the agenda and it happens. So far this year the EPC, becoming a Charter City to raise real estate taxes, and next week getting rid of the Tennis Courts.

    What to expect at the June Council meeting. McKeithen wants to close the tennis courts. Perhaps a new option she will propose is putting the library where the tennis courts are located.

    From: Alan Margot
    Date: June 12, 2012 10:50:07 PM PDT
    Subject: Tennis Courts on the chopping block!
    Reply-To: Alan Margot
    Hi Everyone!
    You all may be aware of what is happening with the City Council regarding the Holbrook-Palmer Parks tennis courts. Currently the City Council is looking at three options, closing the courts due to the poor surface conditions and the small number of keys sold, using the space for the new library, or possibly resurfacing them.
    This is a very crucial time. Shirley Carlson, the President of the Holbrook-Palmer Foundation suggested that we all attend the meeting on Wednesday, June 20th at 7pm at the Atherton Town Hall on Ashfield Ave. Please plan on joining us and bringing your family, friends and neighbors, whether you own a key or not to support the courts in the park!
    Thank you for your support!

    Alan Margot
    Director of Tennis
    Holbrook-Palmer Park

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