14. Is that Kathy McKeithen insulting others online?

Is it my imagination or does it seem to you also that Kathy McKeithen goes home, after spending her days trying to dominate the entire town, and then spend her nights ripping into everyone for anything that she can find, insulting others liberally, casting doubts and providing misleading insinuations that are not fact-based under the cloak of a psydonym?

Take the Almanac article: Atherton Gets Peek at Town Center Concepts, does this comment, posted by someone who calls herself “Smell a Rat” sound like Ms. McKeithen to others besides myself?:

Posted by Smell a Rat – Use Common Sense, a resident of the Atherton: other neighborhood, on Oct 25, 2011 at 7:47

Didi Fisher, Elizabeth Lewis and Jerry Carlson have been involved in these Town Center task forces for years now. So why did they not raise the issue of a Master Plan before? Why now when the library committee has said it sees the need to update the one for the Park.

Clearly the Town Center involves lots more buildings and a much bigger area but never a peep about a Master Plan until now. And where has the public outreach been for the Town Center? Lots of talk but little action.

Even selection for the Town Center committee has been along the lines of an “old boy’s club”. And how about that cost estimate presented the other night? Unreal. And Council chambers – where most residents spend time? Not even being considered although an earthquake disaster. So are we to have another building campaign later? Isn’t 20,000 sq. feet enough?

Despite claims to the contrary, is this yet another ruse to get the library’s money? It seemed outright threats to leave the library authority by Carlson or even remove the Playschool from the park made by the councilmember’s wife at the last Park & Rec meeting are not off-limits.

Playing dirty, misinformation and leading questions via petitions and surveys seems to be a central element of the game plan. Carlson mentions keeping the money for Atherton but advocates giving library money to elementary schools. Why not disclose his role as founder and member of the shaky Selby Lane School Foundation? Redwood City could not pass an $85 parcel tax years ago and the Foundation is in trouble. Library money would be a real boost and he knows it. Conflict of interest?

Wake up Atherton, the Task Force is out to get the library and you might want to question its motives, let alone its facts. Don’t let the politicans –all the ex-Mayors(everyone is an ex-Mayor) lead you by the nose. The new library can be good for the Town, for your children, for the environment, even for the Park and the other activities taking place there. The Town Center may well be something the Town needs and wants, but it should be questioning itself, not others.


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