15. Should residents have to pay for town staff to facilitate McKeithen’s politically-motivated crack-downs?

This is a comment written by Kathy McKeithen in one of her many, frequent Almanac propaganda pieces:

“Censorship of the Athertonians site or shutting down what was determined to be a private site was never considered. The issue was always about a name.”

I have come to be aware of a number of these kinds of statements that have absolutely no basis in fact but which are used routinely by Ms. McKeithen to deny the reality of her ugly, politically-motivated behavior and rehabilitate her reputation (since she does seem to care that people not be aware of all the scheming she does).  However, in this case, I got a copy of the actual exchange between McKeithen and the City Attorney.  I naively thought that the City Attorney worked for the town but seeing this, I now realize that a contract City Attorney who gets paid by the hour and who hires his daughter to do the extra special projects actually loves to works for Kathy—since she generates quite a lot of extra legal work for both of them.  Clearly, they will do whatever it takes to help her with her legal needs, even creative ways to approach her desire to suppress the Freedom of Speech of town residents.

It appears that taking the approach of firing all predecessors can really put a damper on any employee’s (oops, I mean contractor’s, since all employees were fired) willingness to stand up for honesty and straight-dealing.  Very sad.


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