19. Who should decide if a library fulfills the Palmer Will?

The Deed granting Holbrook-Palmer to Atherton clearly states that the Town of Atherton shall, “keep, maintain and operate said property in proper order and condition and in a manner suitable for a high class public recreation park.”  If it does not do so, the park could revert back to Stanford University.

It seems that the council majority feels entitled to decide for itself what constitutes “high class recreation” and to this council, book reading may well be high class recreation (if only as a function of the geriatric limitations of the council majority).  Still, it seems highly selfish and rather unseemly for the council to decide to supplant the use of open fields for sports and undeveloped grounds into a county library for their personal enjoyment, without getting a really good feel for whether or not this usage is acceptable to residents in other generations.


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