More questions?

I have lots more questions and, oddly enough, even as I make progress posting the questions I have, more keep emerging.  Lots of my questions need research to understand.  For example, how much has our town spent on lawyers, lawsuits, investigations and legal battles?  How many investigations has McKeithen launched in her years?  Has the town ever done any accounting for these, to show what her “attack first-investigate-ask questions later” approach has cost the town?  Another area that I am confused about is how the council’s agenda process work?  Why does it seem that only McKeithen’s agenda items make it onto the council’s agenda each month?  A little research and I’ve begun to notice a trend of Widmer “abstain” votes. Why does it seem that Widmer can’t get off the fence and abstains all the time?  What exactly is his record of votes?  What have his many (and some notorious) “abstain” votes achieved, pro or con, for the town?

If you are willing to help out and do some digging into one or more of these matters, I’d appreciate any help I can get.  Please use the comment field on this question, to provide data, any insights or even other questions that you can.   Thanks!


2 thoughts on “More questions?

  1. To DTR,
    I will address one of your questions. An Agenda items requests from a council member should be discussed at the end of meeting and then voted on by the full council. If approved by a 3-2 vote it goes on the next month’s agenda.

    Charles Marsala
    Council Member 2002-2010

  2. McKeithen helping and voting to give Johns over $800,000 because he helped her during the recall and did investigations for her is probably Misuse of Public Funds and Honest Service Fraud. Is this being looked into? Will the council create an agenda item to discuss?

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